Nucleolab is a shareware application for performing calculations of nuclear medicine and radiopharmacy, with the aim of facilitating these calculations, reducing errors and improving the efficiency and accuracy. The program’s associated database also provides a means of generating reports and storing the results of calculations. The following modules are included in Nucleolab:


Activity of paediatric doses

99mTc-MAA dosage

Multiple-Dose Withdrawal

Radiactive decay calculator

99Mo/99mTc Generator

Solutions assistant


Red-cell survival

Platelet survival

Red-cell volume

Plasma volume

Effective renal plasma flow

Tubular extraction rate

Glomerular filtration rate

Database maintenance and general data



  More information about Nucleolab in the article:


  Development of a Comprehensive Software Application for Calculations in Nuclear Medicine and Radiopharmacy

  Journal of Nuclear Medicine Technology. 2010 Sep;38(3):153-62


Nucleolab Demo


You can request the download of a shareware demo of Nucleolab that allows to evaluate the softwaare with limited time (up to 20 runs of the program), but with no restrictions on its capabilities. You only have to write an email with your name and the hospital where you work.




During the trial period you can write us as many times as you want to ask us your doubts.

After testing the program, if you are interested, you can purchase a registration key of Nucleolab that allows integral and unlimited use of the software. Please contact us and ask for a free quotation







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