Biblioseeker is a database application for bibliography management. Professionals and students of many disciplines can deal with hundreds of articles. Sometimes you can have such a high amount of articles, usually in PDF format, which is difficult to locate a specific article. This database application can help you find the article at any time you are interested in, being able to use different search parameters such as: year, filename, authors or keywords.




When installing Biblioseeker on your PC will create the folder C:\Biblioseeker, which contains the database Biblioseeker.mde with 30 sample records and the Bibliography folder, which in turn contains 30 pdf files for example records . All included sample files are available for free on the Internet and are related to Radiopharmacy and Nuclear Medicine. You can delete existing records and add your new records. Remember that you must also save the PDF file in the folder C:\Biblioseeker\Bibliography.

Installation of Biblioseeker 

You can download from this page a demo that allows users evaluate the product with limited time (up to 30 runs of the program). For use of Biblioseeker indefinitely,
you can get a registration license key completely free of charge.

For running Biblioseeker on your computer, it needs to have installed Windows XP, Vista or 7, and Access (97, 2002, 2003, 2007 or 2010). If you have not installed any of these versions of Access, it can also work installing any runtime that are available: Access 2007 runtime or Access 2010 runtime.


Download Biblioseeker 1.0



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