Datinrad (Database Information Radiopharmaceuticals) is a freeware application for easily managing a database with information on interactions of drugs with radiopharmaceuticals and adverse effects of radiopharmaceuticals. All data entered into the database of this application come from the scientific literature and are accompanied by bibliographic references. Users of Datinrad can input and retrieve information of radiopharmaceuticals interactions and adverse effects through intuitive interfaces.



More information about Datinrad in the article:


A Portable Database of Adverse Reactions and Drug Interactions with Radiopharmaceuticals

Journal of Nuclear Medicine Technology 2013 Sep;41(3):212-5



Installation of Datinrad 

For running Datinrad on your computer, it needs to have installed Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 or 10, and Access (2003, 2007, 2010, 2013 or 2016). If you have not installed any of these versions of Access, it can also work installing any runtime that are available: Access 2007 runtime, Access 2010 runtime, Access 2013 runtime or Access 2016 runtime.

You can download from this page a demo that will allow you to evaluate the program for a limited time. Then, if you want, you can get a free registration key. You only have to send us an email indicating your name, your company name and the serial number that appears on the registration form of Datinrad.




Datinrad 2.0


If you can not install Datinrad

It is possible that some error message appears when you install Datinrad, because some type missing file, such as dll, ocx, etc. This is due to differences between the various versions of Windows operating systems. These problems are solved by searching the Internet the file in question, copying it to the appropriate directory and registering in the cmd console. Anyway, you can send us an email with the description of the error message so that we can guide you step by step in its resolution.





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